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Monic Investments has a very strong drive for excellence. As such, we have engaged some of the best business consultants in Sierra Leone to consider our business idea and critically examine how it relates to the mining industry in Sierra Leone and in the rest of the world. Their findings have helped us to figure out our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.






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Monic Investments is a company registered by the CEO, Dr Brain Dixon, on the 14th of November 2014 in Sierra Leone. The intention behind the creation of Monic Investments is to explore mining and logistics of rare minerals and metals, import and export of essential commodities, construction on site and on diverse projects, and to expatiate on business development in general.

In the Mining sector Monic investments explores mines mechanically, and also by hand-digging and panning. Dr Brain Dixon has over 20 years of experience in the mining sector, and he also has extensive knowledge and experience in the import and export of essential commodities. 

Many construction sites in the capital city Freetown can be attributed to the know-how of Monic Investments, and Business development is but the natural curve we took to enable our expansion within Africa as a continent and globally.

Our Assets: Land licences, mining permits, government authorization, efficient workforce, excellent reputation, knowledge of the terrains, and local languages.

Our Customer: Jewelers, estate developers, commodity merchants, bulk buyers, gem dealers, polishing and cutting companies, gem brokers.


Our Market Focus: merging markets such as Brazil, India, China and countries in the African Continent.

Marketing Strategy - Before selecting a location for Monic Investments, we carefully surveyed the terrain and carried out feasibility studies and a market survey.

Our survey has presented us with detailed information that will help to strategically locate our company to attract the right leads and convert them into returning customers for our brand. In other to continue to be in business and grow, we must Continue to sell our products to the available market, and we will go all out to   empower our sales and marketing team to deliver our sales Target.





Precious gem Mining: Team members understand the difficult terrains and they have adapted to it.

Deep Experience Exposure: We are a team made up of individuals with deep experiences in mining, import & export, construction and business development. Our teams brings unique insights from working with our competitors.

Management Exposure: World class business leaders that have been a part of billion dollar companies both in the west and in Africa. Industry leaders that head boards of top companies.

Network in political sector: Team members have strong relationship with regulatory bodies.


Key Assets & Balanced Port-folio

Licenses: A Reconnaissance License is issued for one year and renewable once for another year. An Exploration License is issued for nine years maximum. This includes an initial period of four years and two renewals of three years and two years respectively. A Large-Scale Mining license is awarded for an initial period of twenty five years and renewable for a further fifteen

Strategic Alliances: Strategic alliances between major miners and exploration companies: Should help ease the burden that comes with the arduous,  capital-intensive work of exploring and de-risking projects. As Forward-thinking miners we aren't just looking to boost revenue or resources, we are searching for truly strategic partnerships that can help us get not just bigger-but offer a better return on investment for all stakeholders.



Dr. Brain Dixon Jr

Founder and C.E.O.

Dr. Brain Dixon Jr, Founder and CEO. He has over 20 years experience in the mining industry, having worked for some of the leading mining companies in the world, and is well exposed to the technical and practical aspects of the business. He develops high quality business strategies and plans, and ensures their long and short- term alignments to his objectives.

the team
Mrs. Christian Dixon.jpg

Mrs. Christian Dixon
Managing Director

Mrs. Christian Dixon, Managing Director. She possesses the capacity to consistently provide outstanding management skills, she provides inspiration, motivation and guidance for her team. And she adds operational, technical management, and promotional skills.

Alina Egeubaevna Kurmangaliyeva_edited.jpg

Alina Egeubaevna Kurmangaliyeva
 Research & Marketing Expert

Alina Egeubaevna Kurmangaliyeva, Research & Marketing Expert. She has over fifteen years in research and as a marketing expert, she brings to the business educational skills and practical experience in the mining industry, she exhibits profound knowledge of the market and product trends, and is a go go-getter.

Morayo Alayo.jpg

Morayo Alayo
Sales consultant

Morayo Alayo, Sales consultant. Is a professional who devises strategies, she has years of experience building customer relationships, creating compelling sales pitches and selling company's’ products and services to potential customer base she has prior researched.

Operation Manager_edited.jpg

Ibrahim Isaac Konneh
Mining & Operations Manager


Ibrahim Isaac Konneh, Mining and Operations Manager. Is a professional who 

manage in the company mining activities.

Responsibilities will include Safety & Management of all employees, quality control of the finished products, mine development, plant & pit (dredge) operations, mobile and fixed equipment operations

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Head Office:

27 Victoria Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.


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